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Rap for the Soul

The last year or so I’ve listened to a decent amount of Christian rap, so I wanted to make a ranking list & commentary as I see it.

  1. Shai Linne – he is #1 by a long shot at this point. His combination of catchy words and beats with theological depth put him at #1. All the lyrics in his songs are crystal clear. Some of my favorites of his: ‘The Glory of God (Not to Us)’, ‘Come Lord Jesus, Come’, ‘All-Consuming Fire’; ‘Election’; ‘The Hypostatic Union’ [Note* I listen to the original version of the albums, not the ones labeled ‘instrumentals’]
  2. Trip Lee – his songs have catchy choruses [‘hooks’]. Some of his songs I can’t really understand what he’s saying. But overall a reliable choice. Some of his best songs: ‘Sweet Victory’; ‘Take Me There’; ‘Lazarus’; ‘One Sixteen’
  3. Tedashii – he’s got some good ones, including ‘Dum, Dum’; ‘808’; ‘In My Life’
  4. Lecrae – he was the one who helped me get back into the rap scene last year. He’s traditionally known as the top rapper of this era. He’s got a handful of songs that aren’t really about God, but I think the reason he does that is to try to reach non-believers, which he has got some attention from. For some of his songs I can’t really understand the words well. Here are some of my favs: ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’; ‘Rebel Intro’; ‘Breathin’ to Death’; ‘Beautiful Feet’; ‘Messengers’
  5. Lil’ Dre – he was the one I first listened to several years ago. I gotta put him on this list because he’s from my hometown [Oklahoma City] & I’ve gone to his concert & had a meal with him. Very scripturally focused lyrics. Some top hits: ‘Fill Me Up’; ‘Who You Are’; ‘Romans 12:2’; ‘Strapped Up’

Conclusion: Sometimes listening to rap hits right on the spot. For some reason I’ve found that listening to the faster pace of rap help me lots when studying. Rap also is good backup music when we’re having a dance party at our house with my daughter.

*** Note*** I use Spotify to listen to music. It’s free and has a good selection.