Non-Western Missions & Chinese Missions

I’m praying for the Chinese missionary sending efforts. As I study more about ‘Majority World Missions’, I see that it is not necessarily those majority world countries who have the most Christians who send the most missionaries. Some top-sending majority world countries the last 40-50 years have been 1. Korea 2. Brazil 3. India 4. Nigeria 5. COMIBAM (in S. America).

There are many factors involved about which countries will flourish long-term in sending missionaries. The Korean church has succeeded the most the last 30 years in sending many missionaries, to all areas of the world, and who will stay on the field for decades, and learn the ways of the locals. Some of the other majority world missions movements have simply sent many people out, but they’ve returned home quickly without any fruit. A couple factors that boosted the Korean church sending were: 1. huge church growth in the 60s & 70s; 2. large economic growth; 3. Korea having good diplomatic relations with most countries around the world.

Where will the Chinese missions effort fall on the spectrum? At this point, very hard to say. But praying that the Spirit may be strengthening the efforts, in the candidate selection, the structures of the organizations, the finances, the shepherding of the missionaries, the effectiveness on the field reaching locals.


*** NOTE *** other terms for ‘majority world missions’ include ‘Non-Western Missions’, ‘Third World Missions’, ‘Emerging Missions’, and ‘Two-Thirds World Missions’

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