Monthly Archives: April 2017

Birth of our Son this Week

The main update recently has been the birth of our son this week, Charles.

Praise God for this special gift! He was born March 30th around 2 am, weighing 4 lbs 10 ounces. A few days before then my wife’s water broke and she was put on bed rest at the hospital till the baby came, which ended up being a few days later. The name “Charles” is one that we liked the sound of it and I liked the name because of the connection to Charles Spurgeon.

Because Charles was born 7 weeks early, he needs to stay at the hospital in the NICU for another month or so before he can come home. They’re taking good care of him there & use an incubator or feeding tube if they need. Please pray the Lord may strengthen his body at this time and he’d be able to eat on his own & gain weight. My wife is feeling well & has come back home after a week in the hospital. She & I need prayer as we take many trips to the hospital throughout the week for Charles & feed him. My wife’s mom graciously drove here from Oklahoma earlier this week to help out in our time of need.