my first full seminary class teaching

Today I finished my last co-teaching with Dr. Priest at TEDS for MDiv students.

Dr. Priest was out of town today so I taught the whole 3 hours 20 minutes class by myself. The previous 6 weeks I would lecture about 40 minutes each week. I tried to balance the students having discussion and me doing lecture. And I think that ended up happening.

What I covered during the last class was:
a) priority of missions<– also, how they can be involved in reaching the unreached now
b) discussion on Dr. Priest’s articles on short-term missions & other things about short-term missions
c) discussion on how churches use missions budget
d) challenges missionaries face
e) in small groups they chose people groups from & spent time reading their info & praying for them
f) reading & discussion about how they can minister in the most needy places in the U.S. & abroad: Quoted something I heard while at Southern Seminary: “80% of seminary graduates will minister in a place within 100 miles of where the wife’s parents live”

I was thankful for the opportunity to co-teach with Dr. Priest. The Lord pulled me through and I learned much from it.

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