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John Ensor’s Review of My Book

Written by John Ensor about my book Becoming Native to Win the Natives

As someone who loves working cross-culturally, and who wants to see more and more Christians do the same, I am thankful for this missions primer. The insights are basic. But that is what makes them good. The people I have taken with me to do missions work need basic starting points and specific examples of how to love and powerfully identify with the people they come to serve. Laughlin shows how he intentionally did this over many years. He is a first-rate practitioner. I will use this book to prepare the people coming with me to do cross-cultural work. The cause of missions starts with loving the people you come to serve and to be like them. Laughlin helps us get started. [See Ensor’s original book review here].


NOTE: John Ensor is: President of Passion Life; the author of several books; and had a well-known interview on Desiring God with John Piper and Christian rapper Lecrae [see here].

Opportunities to Serve in China

Originally in my August 3, 2005 Journal [before moving to China 2 weeks later]:

While I was driving home yesterday, I was thinking about [my former leader’s] ministry & the potential. I believe there are hundreds of recent college grads who would love to go teach in China if they understood the implications. They don’t have to raise support, the curriculum is not intense, & they can play a role in spreading Christianity during this critical time in China’s history where Communism is waning & China is opening up to the rest of the world while also becoming a world power. And I think of how many universities there are in China who would love to have an American teaching English. The demand is huge. The supply is available; they just don’t understand the need yet. I must help get the word out.