Meeting at Waffle House

Yesterday I met another person of note who was eating breakfast at Waffle House. During our couple years living at the high school, we have often prayed that we would be able to meet some in the neighborhood who were believers. We have thought there must be some house churches in the neighborhood, but we really have never heard of anyone in our neighborhood that is a believer even. This changed through an encounter at Waffle House with Brother Ma.

I was near the end of my shift at Waffle House when an older man asked me to sit down with him and chat, which is not too uncommon. Like many Chinese, he asked me why I did not open a private English school to make more money. So I thought that was all he wanted to talk to me about. But after some basic chitchat I realized that he’d gone to school in Hong Kong. But he didn’t just go to a normal school in Hong Kong, he went to a ‘shenxueyuan’, which is a seminary. I was completely amazed.

Then he told me that he is not only a believer, but also he and his wife lead a house church in our neighborhood. I couldn’t believe it! He also owns a local business that helps pay for the house church’s needs. I can confidently say that I never would have met this Brother Ma if not for my working at Waffle House. It just allows me a presence in the community, as all kinds of people are daily walking through the market and eating at Waffle House. Sometimes I get impatient thinking that I am not connecting enough with the Waffle House customers. But I must be patient and the Lord will put people in my path.

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