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Our Obedience Leads to Future Graces

Originally in December 14, 2005 Journal:

I’ve been considering the idea of obedience leading to more blessings. John Piper writes the reason we should be obedient. It’s not to repay God. What can we give God that He doesn’t already have? Instead, we should be obedient in the hope & faith of receiving God’s future mercies or blessings. When we are obedient, we will be rewarded. How will we be rewarded? I don’t know. I know that several times during periods when I feel most disobedient, God has blessed me with opportunities to witness to someone or He’s granted me wisdom that I lacked before.

So can we say that these ‘grace moments’ are truly a result of our obedience? The past couple weeks, I have felt a discipline, obedience, & hunger for God that has been matched with the multiple conversations I’ve had with students about the Bible during that time. It’s not that I’m more bold, though. I still say nothing. The student always brings it up. For example, Rayleigh asked me if I could meet her tomorrow to talk about the Bible. Is it a coincidence that many incidents like this have occurred during a time of obedience? Or can we say that Piper is true: Our obedience leads to future graces that our disobedience might thwart? I certainly want to dig into the Word to see if this is a legitimate idea.

Busy Week

We just moved on the high school campus yesterday. Lots of helpers, so it went smoothly. Good bonding with believers & nonbelievers through working together for a common cause.

We contacted a private school near us that will welcome our 3 year old daughter for school next year.

I preached this morning at our church on Colossians 2:6-15.

My wife’s mom & sis get here tonight.

I had a late night Skype session Wed. night with Dr. Bridger to  finish my SBTS seminary work for good.

It’s been quite a packed week.

The Lord has sustained [Lamentations 3:22-24]