Disciplers Needed

As I think about the handful of Chinese guys I know in this city who profess to be believers, all of them have made a profession of faith in the past either through influence of a foreigner they knew or through a Chinese person.

The problem is, once they make a profession of faith, often nothing else happens after that.

Certainly sometimes it’s hard to know if they are really genuine believers, or they’ve just made a proclamation of faith but don’t really have saving faith.

Whatever the case, there’s a huge need here in China for people to come and to disciple these young ‘believers’, that people would not just make a profession of faith and remain stagnant spiritually for the rest of their life.

But rather, that someone would intensely invest in them & would teach them how to actively live out their faith and how to daily pursue God and how to dive into the local Body and also to share with others.

This is really needed where we are now.

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