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To the Dads Among Us

Here is a helpful blog post about family worship [family devotionals].

It’s by Dr. Don Whitney, who writes a lot on the subject.

His suggested model is the one we use [Read-Pray-Sing], which means read briefly the Scripture [or children’s Bible], then pray for something/someone, then sing a worship song. Doesn’t need to take more than 5-10 mins total.

Try to do it nearly nightly with the whole family. Can even do it even when kid is still very small [less than 1 yr old]. Dad should do the reading & facilitate discussion & everything else [My wife & I rotate each night who chooses what song to sing].

Not too complicated.

Doing this nightly has been a huge blessing for us the last 1 yr 1 month, but before that during our daughter’s first 1.5 yrs we weren’t doing any of these things at all.

So hope this encourages you guys.

Talks about following the example of preaching great Charles Spurgeon.