Husband as Discipler of Wife & Children

[Originally from my Feb. 2, 2014 Journal entry]

I was thinking a lot about Family Worship, & for me as the husband to facilitate that time. One main purpose in this is that father may be the main discipler of his wife & children. Family Worship is just one means of discipleship within the family. It’s easy for men to not fulfill this role because they feel oppressed by the world, misunderstood, bogged down by ‘important’ matters like finances, work/school, ministry, etc. The men are thus passive in the home & let the wife facilitate all spiritual things with the kids. Since our daughter was born 1.5 years ago, I’ve been very passive in the home, just ‘focusing on my studies’, & letting Lynne & Janet do everything, whether it’s doing chores or reading the Bible with Joy & singing worship songs with her. So I’ve become the passive man that I listed above, who feels oppressed by the world. This is not how God wants it to be! He desires for men to step up & lead their families spiritually. This is not only through leading Family Worship, but recognizing his role as main discipler of his wife & children.

I praise the Lord for convicting me on how I’ve fallen short in these things & how passive I’ve been in the home. My current state of busyness is no excuse for my behavior. Meg & Eva say to me, as the Israelites said to Ezra, ‘Rise up! This matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage & do it’ (Ezra 7:10)

[Originally from my Feb. 2, 2014 Journal entry]

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