Waffle House Update – Second Month

As of yesterday I’ve been volunteering at Waffle House — the Chinese breakfast place nearby — for two months.

I’ve been working about 6-7 hours per week at Waffle House.

The main relationship of note continues to be Mr. Gao, the 48 year old customer who comes in every day. He’s been living in Calgary for 8 years so we mostly speak in English. He’s back in China just for a year to help take care of his sick dad. My relationship with Mr. Gao is deepening each day. He’s excited to come to our home for a small Christmas party very soon. I hope to be able to share more about Jesus with him through the party & maybe give him a Chinese/English NT.

Waffle House has also helped me make friends with a guy Will Zhang who works in our high school’s office. He & his girlfriend Avril go to Waffle House every day, so I’m able to chat with them a bit each day. Both of them came to our home a couple weeks ago for a small TGiving party.

Still praying that the Lord would be opening the hearts of these people to see the light…

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