Monthly Archives: November 2014

Redeeming the Winter Months

It’s that crazy time of the year. It’s getting colder each week. Now the high is in the high 30s F & low in the 20s F. The semester is increasing in intensity & the students & teachers alike are tired. It’s the time of the year when it’s easiest to get irritable towards those around us, including to our teammates. Plus it’s also the time of year when homesickness sinks in as we think about our families & friends in the U.S. celebrating Thanksgiving & Christmas without us in the next month or so.

The challenge during these months is to redeem the time for the Lord. There are a few things that can help redeem the cold winter months [Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb.] for His name:

1) spend extra time in prayer, fasting, reading the Word, reading great books & listening to sermons

2) find a few locals to invest into heavily, meeting at least once a week with them & being intentional to deepen your relationship with them & seek opportunities to share about Jesus with them

3) find a cozy place to sit & get lots of Chinese language study in. Nothing better than sitting at a desk & writing Chinese characters over & over for hours on end, all while sipping a cup of hot water : )

These months needn’t be a black hole for the progress of the Work!

Waffle House Update – First Month

Now I’ve been working at the [Chinese] Waffle House for nearly a month.

I try to work there about ten hours per week. My job includes wiping off tables and wiping off plates. It’s not too glamorous, but they give me free Chinese breakfast for my labor & it seems I’ve helped them a bit by attracting some curious customers to their restaurant.

As I prayed for previously, I’ve met lots of folks through this job. I’ve also gotten to practice lots of Chinese speaking as I’m constantly speaking to customers & my co-workers.

The funniest part has been seeing some of my [very rich] students’ fathers eating at Waffle House. It’s priceless to see the look on their face when they see me bussing tables, & then through conversation they realize that I’m their kid’s teacher.

As my main purpose in working at Waffle House is to be able to share with people about Jesus Christ, I had that opportunity last week. There’s a 53 year old Chinese man named Mr. Gao who has been living in Canada for eight years & now is back in our city in China to take care of his sick dad. Mr. Gao comes to Waffle House every morning & likes to talk with me in English [maybe to practice his English]. Last week I was able to share with him how I’m in China because God sent me to China long ago. Mr. Gao said he was interested in various religions but didn’t believe in anything. I said that as all religions are contradicting, either all of them are totally false or only one of them is correct. It’s impossible that all of them are correct. He said, “So you really believe that you must believe in Jesus to go to heaven?” And I said, “Yeah, that’s what I believe.” Mr. Gao was shocked at this statement. Pray I may be able to share with him more. Pray the Lord may give him greater curiosity & may open his heart to believe.