New Job at Waffle House

This morning was my first day at work at my new job – cleaning tables & cleaning plates at a local Chinese breakfast place. I call the place ‘Waffle House’. Certainly they don’t serve waffles.

I’ve been itching to be around Chinese people more & to make more relationships & to practice Chinese more. Since I already eat breakfast at this place about every day, my wife suggested I may as well just start working there.

So a couple days ago I asked the boss if I could do it. I said I’d work about ten hours per week & wouldn’t need any pay. He was up for the challenge. So my first day of work at Waffle House was today. It was incredibly enjoyable & the workers there seemed very excited to have me.

The purpose in doing this is: to help my Chinese language; to actually help the store; and most importantly, to make deeper relationships with locals & in the future hopefully have many opportunities to share the Good News with Chinese through this job.

This restaurant serves the following: tofu custard [personal favorite]; hard-boiled egg; hot soy milk; funnel cake; funnel cake with filling; black rice porridge; small rice porridge [personal favorite].

I did do something like this before during my first year in China in December ’05. I started volunteering at a Chinese restaurant in my old city across from my former school. I ended up working about 15 hrs/wk for a little over a year. It was a sweet way to meet folks, though I couldn’t communicate with them much at that time. Glad to get back into the Chinese restaurant industry!

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