Monthly Archives: June 2014

Prayer Needs

Tomorrow and Saturday my wife Lynne and I will be at the national Huntington’s Disease convention, which happens to be in our city this year. I’m praying now for peace in going to the conference. It’ll be important for Lynne & my family if we go. It brings back lots of painful experiences for me as I think about how the disease affected my mom. And potentially, how it will affect me in the future. May I not have fear or anxiety, but properly have a burden for the many lost & hopeless souls at the convention. How may we love them & share with them about our hope in Christ? In April when we prayed about the conference, I felt confirmation from the Lord to sign up & go.

I pray forĀ abundant peace, hope & joy in Him for Meg & I these next few days. May we remember God’s sovereignty over our creation [Ps. 139:13-16] AND His sovereignty over affliction [Isa. 45:7] AND His sovereignty over when we die [Job 14:5] AND sovereignty over how we die [Jn. 21:18,19]<– AND how that specific way of dying will glorify God [Jn. 21:19]. The Lord is sovereign, good & wise in all these things.