Hidden Idols

Recently I’ve been reading a book called Gospel Treason [by Brad Bigney] that digs deep into the heart about various hidden idols that we have that we cling to and that cause us to fall into sin.

Some can be obvious, like slave to alcohol or drugs, or being a slave to obvious outward sins. Often these idols that we have are more subtle though, like having an idol of ‘always having to get everyone’s approval’, or ‘getting respect at work’, or ‘getting a certain kind of attention from someone’, or ‘having a certain size of house or model of car’, or ‘having a certain kind of reputation within the church’.

Yesterday early morning I was convicted as I read Gospel Treason & my idol of OKC Thunder was exposed. I tried to find hope through looking at their score with the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals & was terribly disappointed when I saw the Thunder were creamed. When I read the score, my first thought was that the day was going to be ruined now because of the disappointing outcome. Thankfully, though, reading Gospel Treason the Lord revealed this idol to me. So I repented & the rest of the day the Lord gave me peace. It’s easy to put our hope in things like sports teams or political candidates, but the only thing we should put our hope in is Christ.

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