Monthly Archives: January 2014

Family Worship

Last night Lynne and I started hopefully nightly Family Worship with our 18 month old daughter Joy.

The idea of Family Worship that we’re following is the ‘Read-Pray-Sing’ model. This is actually very simple. We should keep the time brief (10-20 minutes) every night, but try to do it every night or nearly every night. This involves: 1. Reading the Bible together & briefly talking about it 2. Praying together 3. Singing 1-2 songs <– all this together should take 10-20 minutes.

The father is to facilitate the Family Worship time. Along with that, it goes that the father should be the main discipler of both his wife and the kids.

This is our first time to try to do this. Will keep you updated on how it goes. May the Lord give us mercy in this…


This ‘Read-Pray-Sing’ model can be found in Donald Whitney’s book Family Worship <– you don’t even need to read the book necessarily, as the main thing to take from it is the simple ‘Read-Pray-Sing’ model, which I described above. Very simple. Lots of flexibility on how each family does it.